Psychologist/ Amal Bahader   Each lung we have contain of 300 million air chamber. It provides the lungs a large surface to absorb oxygen from the air breathing, if those chambers deployed on the surface of the covered area of area of a tennis court, lung take half a liter of air in the normal breathing when the muscular effort takes ten times, this amount to provide an additional amount of muscle oxygen through its crisis with a large effort and when the lungs containing 3 liters ... Read More
Psychologist/ Jawaher  Brkat We are all looking for happiness but happiness is not a goal itself. It is the product of what you love to work and your communication with others honestly. Happiness is to realize yourself, to make your own decisions, to do what you want because you want to and to live and enjoy every moment of it. It lies in achieving your independence from the others, allowing others to enjoy their freedoms and looking for the best in yourself and in the world ar... Read More
  by the specialist/Nehad eaqelan Autism is one of disorders that follow a set of advanced disorders named disorders in autistic spectrum. it appears in a very early age, generally before the child reaches the age of three years at most . Autism has strong genetic bases , Although the genes of autism are complex. 1 or 2 from 100 person have autism all over the world, the causalities of men are 4 times more than the women. The three specific symptoms of autism are the weakness of ... Read More
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Terms of Reference Baseline Action Research

Aisha Association for Woman and Child Protection is looking for a consultant  (main research...

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فيلم يهدف الى توصيل رسالة النساء ذوات الاعاقة الى المجتمع

فيلم يهدف الى توصيل رسالة النساء ذوات الاعاقة الى المجتمع ...

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Main Goal

Increase effectiveness and efficiency of women in community development and create a sensitive environment to promote and protect children's rights.


AISHA aspires to play a leading role for protecting women and children to enable them to be active contributors in sustainable community development.


AISHA seeks to protect, support and empower women and children psychosocially, legally and economically.